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About us

The Świętokrzyska Polana Resort is situated in a beautiful picturesque area of 9 hectares surrounded by the forest,
located 8 km from Kielce.

Świętokrzysko Miniatures Park

See how looked towns and their districts in the past. Travel to the beginning of the Polish state, the era of great inventions and battles for an independent homeland.

Akwaria Oceanika Aquariums

Discover the depths of the oceans and sea of the world, fauna and flora of the rivers and lakes.
Explore work of Oceanika facilities.


Are you going to organise a conference, training, a display,
a convention or an event? It is a perfect place for your plans.

Recreation and Rehabilitation

Are you thinking about recreation in the ecologically clear environment or looking for the place for rehabilitation under the qualified therapists supervision?


Are you going to stay longer, rest or relax? Admire the beautiful views of the świętokrzyskie landscapes straight from a terrace of one of houses surrounding the Świętokrzyska Polana Resort.