Visit us frequently and be surprised. Depending on the occasion, season of the year and mood, we have something pleasant and interesting for all our Guests.

The PlayZone is open depending on weather conditions. Please check beforehand at the phone number: 41 2016 212.


The ropes course is a place full of nooks, ropes, ladders, twisting corridors, in which your children and youngsters can have fun in open air, safely playing on the ropes.

At the area of the park, there are two trails of various degree of difficulty. Therefore, everybody, persons starting adventure on ropes course, and those more experienced, looking for a higher dose of adrenalin, with definitely find something to suit their likes.

The lower trail has been designed for the youngest children, as young as 4 years of age. This trail runs at the level of parents’ eyes, ensuring close contact with their kids. The youngsters who wish for greater challenge can have their go at the upper trail, which will guarantee lots of adrenalin and great pleasure for beginners as well as more demanding climbers.


The Birch Farmhouse is the kingdom of animals. Here, in the birch woods, our Guests will meet fluffy rabbits, tiny Vietnamese potbellied, miniature sheep and majestic peacocks. Everybody can come and feed them and have a closer look.

This is the perfect place for guests at any age, in particular children. It lets you see the fascinating world of animals and their habits. It lets you get away from the virtual reality of telephones and computers and be immersed in nature.


In the PlayZone, we placed a few huge inflatable attractions, some for younger and some for older children. All of them are supposed to keep you in underwater fun world. There is a huge movable ship, which rocks like on waves, a gigantic 10-meters high Dolphin slide, “wipe-out” spheres, a carousel with an octopus and a few smaller colourful attractions for the youngest ones.


This is a perfect fun for hot summer days. Colourful human-powered boats let the children float in a pool with shallow cool water. The races and relaxation on water give lots of emotion and fun to everybody.


For the bravest awaits 8-meter high eurobungee, on which 11-meter jumps can be performed.

Somersaults guarantee unforgettable emotions. The fun is perfectly safe and children aged two can even join it..

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