Polanika is a perfect place for recreation combined with therapeutic treatment, provided by a team of specialists in flawlessly equipped rooms. Specialised treatments are also supported by hippotherapy – there is a stable with a paddock at the area of the centre.

Dysfunctions of locomotor system, pain in spine and joints, post-traumatic conditions, these are only some of the ailments that can be treated in Polanika.

The Centre combines traditional rehabilitation and relaxation treatments with state-of-the-art and well-equipped medical facility, as well as innovative rehabilitation equipment (Alter G treadmill, ReoAmbulator, SpaceCurl).

Each patient here has guaranteed customised treatment under the supervision of the attending physician, and the qualified personnel takes care of professional rehabilitation, as well as wellbeing and unique atmosphere.

Functionality, elegance and professionalism offered by Polanika equal recreation and rehabilitation at world top level.

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